Jason Magbanua

Makati City, Filipinas

Email: hellojmag@gmail.com

If you’re getting married and have been to a fair, you know who Jason Magbanua is – if simply because he is the Holy Grail of videographers, whose videos are posted all over the YouTube, personal blogs and websites.

You may have also heard the urban legend about the bride who moved her wedding date to make sure that Jason would be her videographer. You might be thinking that, what with the overwhelming demand for his services and his many international awards, wedding videographer Jason Magbanua might be completely inaccessible.

Not exactly

Those who have had the privilege of his services think he’s a genius. Others think he’s a magician. Still more know him as someone committed to working wonders with every wedding he shoots, no matter what.

But as far as Jason is concerned, he’s simply a visual storyteller, someone who draws on his life-changing experiences and surprising personal stories when he wants to tell a story.

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